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New eBook: APIs are Different than Integration

Ed Anuff
May 16, 2014

Many developers and architects see APIs as an evolution and continuation of the integration-based architectures that have long been in use within enterprise IT.

However, this is a limited view that misses the larger realization that APIs have become a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable enterprise applications. Apps are built using APIs on the front end to connect the user experience (UX) tier (whether HTML5 or native mobile clients).

Apps use APIs on the backend to connect to data and services. Apps use APIs on the sides to enable other apps to connect to their internal data and processes. And finally, apps themselves are built out of interconnected “micro-services”, which are wired together via APIs.

Our new eBook APIs are Different than Integration explores these ideas in detail, and examines the important implications of the movement to the API-centric architecture that is underway within enterprise application development today. 


Scaling Microservices