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OAuth: The Big Picture - Free eBook

Gregory Brail
Mar 13, 2012

 OAuth - The Big Picture 
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OAuth has become standard practice for large social media APIs and it's becoming common across enterprise APIs. OAuth is good for your customers' security and experience making is critical if you want adoption on your API.

Over the past year, we've been talking OAuth with some of the leading API teams around the globe as they design their API security strategies, and we've participated in enlightening discussions with designers and developers on the API Craft google group. All these interactions have helped us build and refine our perspective. We've also received a lot of feedback that people want this stuff for their e-readers so we've pulled our ideas together in this e-book. 

If you want to understand how OAuth fits with APIs and the emerging world of open platforms, its advantages and challenges, what role it might play for your products, and without having to know the fine details of the protocol, we hope you will find it useful.

We’d love your feedback – whether you agree, disagree, have some additional practices, tips, points-of-view to add, or would like to see more technical details . . .


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