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The Open API Initiative: Open governance for the Swagger specification

Nov 05, 2015

We're big fans of the Swagger specification, so we are hugely excited about today's announcement of the Open API Initiative under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. Swagger's dominance in the modern description format world is partly due to its vendor-independent origins. This initiative ensures that Swagger will continue to be the format for describing APIs for many years.

Open API Initiative logo

What does this mean? Most importantly, the Open API Initiative (OAI) brings formal governance to the specification. With so many companies building it into their products and workflows, Swagger has become too important for any one company to control. For almost a year, we've been working with Tony Tam and SmartBear to build a coalition of leading vendors to help create and evolve the standard as well as promote the value of how REST APIs are described. Apigee is proud to stand with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and others as founding members of the OAI.


Google Trend for Swagger vs other API description formats


An open governance structure ensures that Apigee will continue to integrate the Open API Description Format (OADF, the transitional name for the Swagger specification), into its products. The emergence of an independent foundation potentially opens the door for unification with other standards, such as RAML or APIs.json.

Furthermore, we are committed to continuous investment in open source tools such as the Swagger Editor and Swagger-Node. Starting today, we will work with the rest of the members of OAI and the governing board to resolve the permanent name of the new specification so that we can update those projects as necessary.

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