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Predictive Analytics on Big Data: DIY or Buy? (webcast & podcast)

Jul 17, 2014

Customer expectations for relevant and individualized experiences are evolving at breakneck speed. This has enterprises working furiously to build data infrastructure to collect and store data. But this is only the beginning. The technology and know-how to derive value from data—to do predictive analytics on big data—is fast becoming the critical competitive differentiator for businesses.

In this webcast, Apigee’s Abhi Rele and Alan Ho discuss the market dynamics of predictive analytics and big data and the key capabilities needed to deliver the adaptive apps and APIs every business needs to remain relevant and be competitive.

Abhi and Alan also cover: 

  • data lakes, machine learning, unstructured data processors, real-time access, and APIs—the capabilities to rapidly deliver predictive analytics on big data
  • getting from data lakes to production apps—how putting big data to use and deriving real value requires a fresh approach
  • the pros and cons for the build versus buy decision to deliver adaptive apps and APIs



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