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Report Packs: Custom Reports Based on Industry Best Practices

Jan 08, 2014

The December 2013 product update to Edge Analytics includes many exciting new features. There’s one that we’d like to highlight to help you understand its power and usefulness.

The new feature we’re talking about is report packs, which are collections of extensible custom reports pre-built by Apigee, based on industry best practices, and organized around common themes.

Report packs are designed to offer you:

  • a faster start with custom analysis

  • benefits from best practices

  • the opportunity to customize reports to meet your unique needs

Get started faster with custom analysis

Report packs are pre-built by Apigee. That means you will see these custom reports available when you login to Apigee. They’re optimized to work the first time you use them, so there’s no delay in exporting or preparing data. You simply click on the custom report you wish to view, and starting analyzing using the self-service UI.

Benefit from best practices

In our conversations with many leading enterprises, we noticed a pattern. Enterprises, especially those new to the digital world of APIs, wanted to dig deeper into their data, but didn’t always know the optimal way to perform the analysis. With report packs, we’re addressing this need by packaging best practices we’ve learned from working with hundreds of customers across a variety of industries. We’re making them available so all our customers can benefit from it and accelerate their digital transformation.

Customize reports to meet your unique needs

Report packs are based on another powerful Edge Analytics capability: custom reports. With custom reports, you can use the Apigee self-service UI to create your own reports using any default or custom dimension. In fact, you can create custom reports using virtually any variable that describes traffic, including elements from the payload itself. With report packs, we’ve created a few custom reports to get you started. Because we’re using the same custom reports capability underneath, you can customize and extend any of the reports included in a report pack to meet your unique needs.


Operational report pack, with multiple ways to analyze API errors


We included two report packs in the December 2013 Edge Analytics product update. Much like the rest of Edge Analytics, these report packs are optimized to enable you to take action:

  1. Operational report pack is focused on fostering a better understanding of errors so you can take corrective action before they impact service performance and customer satisfaction. With over 15 reports, you can track the overall error trend, determine the most common errors by error type, dig deeper into authentication and service errors, identify the most error-prone API, identify developers whose apps see the most errors, and find APIs with the most error prone backend services.
  2. Hackathon report pack, with over nine reports, helps you better track the quality of hackathons. If you’re organizing a hackathon, you’ll need this report pack.

We plan to offer more report packs, so we’d love to hear what you think about the latest ones, and whether there are others you’d like us to include.

Happy analyzing!


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