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RESTful API Design: API Virtualization

Brian Mulloy
Jan 20, 2012

Last time, we looked at why you might consider complementing your API with an SDK or code libraries. In the series so far, we've covered a lot of tips and tricks for designing pragmatic RESTful APIs. 

You may be asking -  

How do I follow all these best practice guidelines and still maintain and iterate my APIs? 

What should I be thinking from an architectural perspective in terms of implementing these best practices?

Add an API virtualization layer 

I recommend you give yourself a buffer or virtual layer between the interface on top and the API implementation on the bottom.

The app that consumes the API is on top. The API virtualization layer isolates the application and the API. Make a clean design for the app on top and turn the problem into an integration problem.

 In other words, work at integrating your design on top of the key APIs through the virtualization layer.

Don't start in code, and try to build up from your business logic to a clean API interface.

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