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RESTful API Design: what about counts?

Brian Mulloy
Jan 12, 2012

What's the right way to do counts?

This question comes up a lot. This post talks about just one interesting way to approach it.

When I first kicked off the conversation in a recent RESTful API Design webinar, I asked developers to chime in with ideas about how best to design for counts, and the conversation over on our API Craft Google group is underway.

Check it out!

So here's where we started.

Say, you want a count of all of some resource (scoped based on whatever the requester has access to).


In this way, you think about "count" as a reserved word.

This means that you can never have "count" as an identifier on a resource - doing so would return that specific resource.  Otherwise, this would get a count of the resource (dogs) available in the database.

But this is only one way to think about getting counts. I'd love to hear more of your ideas and approaches over on API Craft.

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