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An RFP Template for API Management

Key criteria for selecting a digital business platform
Mar 15, 2016

As Forrester analyst Randy Heffner wrote in a recent report, APIs are the underpinning of digital business platforms. They help enterprises prepare for an unpredictable future. So what goes into the evaluation of an API management platform? 

It's critical to carefully define all the requirements of building an API-powered digital business platform. This is time-consuming, however; there's a lot to consider:

  • what's the vendor's track record in API management?
  • what kind of architecture and deployment options does the vendor offer?
  • how can the platform leverage your existing technology assets?
  • what kind of analytics, security, and developer portal does the platform offer?

And there's much more. We've reduced the amount of time it takes to create an RFP for API management from hours to minutes with this RFP template. We hope it helps you on the path to building your API-powered digital business platform.


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