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SAP Access: Enabling Mobile Apps to Consume Services from an ERP Backend (video & demo)

Sep 05, 2013

In this video (7:15) we examine a simple use case and demonstrate how to use the Apigee Platform to expose a standard SAP backend and convert a JSON request into a SOAP SAP back-end request.

You will see that in a matter of minutes, with no coding and taking advantage of capabilities like XSLT, you can make it possible for mobile apps to consume services from an ERP backend system.

SAP provides a few options for exposure of services including:

  • Using a mediated SAP PI/XI integration server
  • Using a web service where the web service client accesses APIs that have been exposed
  • Exposing a single SOAP service that you can consume via a web service or an app

In this demo we show how, in the third scenario above, Apigee enables multiple devices to consume and convert SOAP XML responses to RESTful JSON, which is lightweight for mobile device consumption.

This demo focuses on the transformation, but it is important for companies who are exposing a SAP backend and delivering mobile apps to have robust analytics and visibility into how the entire system is working - from apps to backend.

The video demonstrates:

  • On the app request, Apigee extracts a variable from the header - either JSON or URL encoded form type
  • Assign in SOAP template and send to server
  • On the response – Add CORS, assign a header to the response, and strip SOAP envelope details and expose XML
  • Do an XML to JSON transformation so that apps can consume JSON

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