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Security as an Enabler for the Digital World: The CISO Perspective (webcast & podcast)

Jan 05, 2015

A successful API strategy requires a strong partnership between the business, IT, and security functions. Rather than as a hindrance, security increasingly is viewed as a business enabler, with CISOs and CSOs playing a critical role in implementing “guardrails” for safe, secure and compliant API services and security architectures free of unnecessary complexity.

Ultimately, a secure API platform enables developers and DevOps to focus on innovation—by improving the mobile user experience and deploying apps in the cloud, with appropriate security controls built in. In this webcast, Apigee’s Subra Kumaraswamy and Saba Software CSO Randy Barr explore how CISOs and CSOs partner with IT and business leaders for a safe and secure journey to cloud, SaaS, and mobile services.

Subra and Randy also discuss:

  • The role of the security officer in helping IT and business leaders meet objectives
  • How smart and secure API guardrails remove friction in consuming APIs while protecting sensitive data exposed via APIs
  • Best practices that work for an API-centric enterprise


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