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Six KPIs Every CDO Should Know and Love (webcast & podcast)

Feb 19, 2014

Successful digital transformation enables an enterprise to drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and win competitive advantage through new digital channels and experiences. To get there, chief digital officers must be able to juggle priorities and manage investments, starting deep within an enterprise’s processes and tools and extending out to the cutting edge of consumer experience. To simplify complexity, accurately measure progress, and drive smart decisions, every CDO needs visibility into six specific types of enterprise KPI.

In this webcast, Bryan Kirschner and Kumar Srivastava discussed these six key KPIs and how to assemble them into a highly effective dashboard.

  • Why are metrics that span consumer and developer behavior, business results, and technology capabilities all essential to successful digital transformation?
  • How can you organize this diverse set of metrics in order to drive sharp insight and timely action?
  • How can you apply this knowledge to build an effective management dashboard?

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