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SOA in the API World - Facades, Transactions, Stateless Services (video & slides)

May 09, 2013

Thanks to all who participated in our recent webcast: SOA in the API World - Facades, Transactions, Stateless Services . . . The video & slides are below.

In a previous webcast, we established that an SOA is not flexible enough to meet the requirements of today's projects. In this follow-up session, Brian Pagano and Greg Brail talk about what an API initiative that evolves your infrastructure entails - including designing a facade for your services, ensuring services are stateless, handling complex and stateful transactions, and more.

Check out the video and slides for:

  • An approach to extend SOA with APIs to meet the demands of business in the growing app economy.
  • Designing API Facades that expose data and services in an intuitive way.
  • Dealing with complex, stateful transactions.
  • Internal APIs vs. external APIs - are they different? Should they be?

There were many great questions posed during our session and we didn't have time to cover all so we've written out the Q&A here. As always, we'd love your feedback and to continue the discussion on the API Craft Google Group.

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