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Why APIs are not SOA++ (webcast & podcast)

Dec 22, 2013

Although APIs and SOA share similarities, they are designed for very different use cases. In this webcast, discover the fundamental differences between API and SOA Governance, how API consumption is different from service exposure, and how a good design pattern at the SOA tier is an anti-pattern at the API tier & vice versa.

Ed Anuff and Dilshad Simons discussed the advantages of building separate API and services tiers in order to power interactions across all of your digital channels:

  • Advantages of building an API tier separate from a services tier
  • Important differences between API consumption and service exposure
  • Patterns and anti-patterns for designing your API tier

Note: We didn't have time to answer all of the questions and comments submitted during and after the webcast, but Ed subsequently posted answers to most of them here



With ubiquitous mobile computing introducing new requirements, it becomes clear that to do apps well, you need more than SOA.

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