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by Olaf de Senerpont Domis Feb 13, 2019

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by Rajesh Mishra Feb 06, 2019

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API Technology
Webcast replay and Q&A
by Martin Nally Dec 13, 2018
The job of an API is to make the application developer as successful as possible. When crafting APIs, the primary design principle should be to maximize application developer productivity and promote adoption. So what... Read more
Digital Business
by Randa Zarkik & Paulo Enrique, Spideo Dec 11, 2018
Editor's note: Today we hear from Spideo vice president of engineering Randa Zarkik and Paulo Henrique, the company's integration engineer. The Spideo Personalization Platform provides unique API-based... Read more
API Technology
by Ruslan Mursalzade Dec 05, 2018
Traditionally, enterprises built monolithic applications that contained functionality in a single program. While this approach simplified debugging and deployment, maintaining, developing and scaling monolithic... Read more
Digital Business
by Mark Iannelli, AccuWeather Dec 04, 2018
Editor's note: Today we hear from Mark Iannelli, senior technical account manager at AccuWeather, the leader in providing accurate weather data. Mark is responsible for providing technical guidance to key global... Read more

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