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APIs Are Different Than Integration

Architecture that makes agile data possible

Today's enterprises need the ability to reach mobile customers in real-time. As the use of mobile devices and apps have increased an API platform is essential to meeting customer demands and ensuring security of backend systems and data. APIs power today's new application and mobile driven economy. APIs have become the foundational framework for development of scalable enterprise applications that connect user experiences to back-end data and services. How will this API-centric architecture play a role in your application systems and in your business?

The eBook "APIs are Different than Integration" explores the API-centric architecture in detail, APIs as a continuation of the integration based architecture, and their role as a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable applications. It also examines some of the important implications of the movement to the API-centric architecture that is underway in enterprise application development today.

What You Will Learn

  • Why APIs have become a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable enterprise applications.

  • The implications of an API-centric architecture for today’s enterprise.

  • how API-centric development and integration driven development can work together and how the DevOps model application configuration can drive all aspects of the deployment process.

  • Why enterprises can no longer afford to view APIs as an extension and evolution of integration-based architectures and, instead, need API management and integration platforms to connect data and applications across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

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