API Design Patterns

Web API Design: The Missing Link

Good API design patterns increase consumption

Businesses want to deliver new connected customer experiences. With the use of APIs, they can securely connect all of the elements of the experience end-to-end. Good API design follows common practices that makes APIs easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to consume by application developers. Following defined policies and principals reduces complexity in development, reduces the time taken for app developers to learn the API, and ultimately reduces the time to market. Designing a good RESTful API means conforming to the principals required by HTTP. 

In the ebook Web API Design: The Missing Link, you will learn about API design patterns, principles, and best practices that make it easy for developers to consume your APIs. You will learn the importance of high quality API design, explore examples of good design, and understand how design matters in developing successful APIs.

What You Will Learn

  • How the use of best practices in API design reduces development time, effort, and cost as APIs continue to evolve. 
  • Reasons why standards in URL design are important for designing query URLs that are regular and predictable. 
  • In a data-oriented model such as REST, see why JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the dominant media type for resource representations in web APIs and how to represent relationships in HTTP.
  • The importance of using standard HTTP status codes to create clear well-defined error messages for developers so that they can resolve issues quickly.

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