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APIs Are Different Than Integration

Rethink governance in an API-first world

APIs provide access to sensitive, valuable, business assets that must be protected - an issue that raises governance concerns. Without an API management platform, organizations run the risk of supporting multiple entry points and single-purpose integrations with partners, which may be completely unsupervised and out of view of GRC officers. Organizations need a fresh perspective on API governance to realize the true benefits of an API-first  approach and the efficiencies that an API management platform can bring.

The eBook "APIs are Different than Integration" explores the API-centric architecture in detail, APIs as a continuation of the integration based architecture, and their role as a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable applications. It also examines some of the important implications of the movement to the API-centric architecture that is underway in enterprise application development today.

What You Will Learn

  • The four-sided model of API architecture
  • How all development is API development
  • API governance for application teams
  • How an API architecture can feed context-aware and predictive applications

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