API Management Features

The Definitive Guide to API Management

The case for a sophisticated API management platform

The digital economy has created an explosion of new opportunities to enrich, engage, and share information. API management is vital in helping businesses achieve these goals. Apigee’s full lifecycle API management platform provides the visualization tools, dashboards, and reports to help measure the data that flows across APIs in real time. It provides 360-degree visibility into an API program. It also measures adoption by developers, traffic generated by various apps, and distribution of users across various geographies and devices. 

The ebook “The Definitive Guide to API Management” examines all the features of the API platform for digital business, from designing and publishing APIs for developers to API traffic management, security, and analytics. It also covers different consumption models and how to monetize APIs.

 What You Will Learn

  • The necessary features of a sophisticated API management platform.

  • How a robust API management platform includes features that helps enterprises improve their APIs, attract the right app developers, troubleshoot problems, and ultimately, make better business decisions related to their API program.

  • Why support for onboarding with key generation, secure registration for developers and a developer dashboard are important features of a developer portal.

  • Traffic management features such as caching, quotas and rate limits, spike arrest capabilities, API-DN (API distribution network), and configurable traffic policies.

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