API Service

Checklist for Every API Call

Deliver powerful APIs with Apigee Edge

Modern software is built as services, which has changed how applications are built. Today's applications are built producing and consuming APIs rather than web frameworks that produce web pages. Developers need capabilities such as user management, data storage and authentication, as well as social graphs, push notifications and activity streams to create high quality applications. Apigee's API management platform, Apigee Edge offers solutions to create innovative experiences for users.

Apigee offers:

  • Detailed reports about developer engagement, traffic trends and latency
  • Enhanced developer community experience that improves productivity and API adoption
  • Security features like API key verification, OAuth, and XML/JSON threat protection
  • Simplified application development
  • Analytical tools provide a complete view of your API program

Apigee supports the needs of all stakeholders throughout the API lifecycle; to learn more about API services, download the eBook today.