Are APIs Secure?

API First Security

The new security layer

APIs can accelerate agility, and optimize business strategies while empowering developers. However, the question remains, "Are APIs secure?" As customers move between mobile devices, websites, and sensors in the Internet of Things, how can enterprises securely expose data across so many channels? The answer is found in the architecture of the API - security built into every stage. In fact, your APIs are your new security layer if they are built correctly. Apigee API management platform securely manages and mediates your API traffic.

Apigee's API security solutions include:

  • Defense against OWASP top 10 threats
  • Secure access facilitated with developers and partners
  • Adaptive threat protection against bad bots
  • Configurable security policies
  • Visibility and metrics

A secure API platform managed by Apigee opens the doors for innovation and collaboration to enhance the customer experience. To find out more about API security, download the eBook today.