Best API Management Platform

The Definitive Guide to API Management

Manage your digital business with Apigee

With APIs becoming the fabric of the digital enterprise, organizations need API management functionality that addresses the concerns and use of multiple stakeholders. Enterprises seek solutions that offer a consistent and well-defined API across all services.

Apigee Edge, the leading self-service API management platform, enables companies to scale, secure, analyze, and grow API programs and manage their digital business, to address the increasing demand. Edge enables enterprises to build and design APIs that securely share their data and services.

The Apigee Edge API management platform offers key capabilities that include:

  • API gateway - mediate and secure the traffic between a company's APIs, clients, back-ends, and developers, partners, customers, and employees who use the APIs
  • Security - protect back-ends, APIs, and messages with configurable policies such as API key verification, XML/JSON threat protection, OAuth, access control
  • Developer portal - engage application developers, and enable them to explore, discover, and test APIs
  • API lifecycle management - manage the entire process of developing, designing, publishing, deploying, and versioning APIs

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