Dev Portal

The Definitive Guide to API Management

Simplify API adoption and increase business value

Every API provider must be able to educate developers and successfully expose their APIs. A developer portal is the face of your API program, providing everything that internal, partner, and third party developers need.

Whether your enterprise is encouraging innovation among internal or external developers, partners, or all of the above, developers need to interact with the enterprise and with each other. Enable your developer community to provide feedback, make support and feature requests, and submit their own content that can be accessed by other developers with the right developer portal.

Apigee Edge provides you with a Developer Services portal that you can use to build and launch your own customized website to provide all of these services to your development community. Every Edge customer can create their own developer portal, either in the cloud or on-premises. The Edge developer portal offers developers:

  • open source based Drupal portal and with ability to extend functionality using Drupal modules
  • custom-branded experience for your enterprise; responsive portal theme based on Bootstrap
  • visual bug tracking with BugHerd integration; users submit comments/bugs by annotations directly on portal pages
  • different access and permissions based on custom roles, signed-in, and anonymous users
  • revision control, tags, keywords, and standard content types for documentation, blogs, forums, and FAQ

Edge Developer Services enables a developer and community experience that seamlessly accelerates API adoption, simplifies learning, and increases the business value of APIs. Learn more about the role of a dev portal in our Definitive Guide to API management.

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