Enterprise API Management

Checklist for Every API Call

Bridge legacy data and modern apps through an intelligent API tier

An API-centric architecture decouples the dependency between systems of engagement and systems of record so that each can operate independently to meet business needs. The API management layer enables applications to be built in an agile fashion, deployed at scale, and support future front-ends, while backend systems can continue to add value and develop at a different pace.

The eBook “A Checklist for Every API Call” covers use cases for security architects, developers or enterprise architects, operations engineer, and API business or product owners. It highlights the importance of an API management platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders at a functional level. The checklist is a simple repeatable approach to building a successful digital enterprise that can adapt quickly and easily to market changes.

What You Will Learn

  • Key features of a full lifecycle API management platform
  • The importance of involving all stakeholders in a digital API-first strategy
  • How Apigee Edge delivers full API lifecycle management for enterprise organizations

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