Enterprise Service Bus

Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Build Robust APIs and Apps

The participants in Service oriented architecture (SOA) networks are slow to change, making the pace of application development rigorous. Apps and APIs interconnect enterprise information systems with remote systems and mobiles, in a way that a SOA or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) cannot. Although ESBs enable developers and systems to connect, while complying with IT department standards, APIs help build nifty, compelling apps and experiences quickly by unlocking valuable data stored in our back-end systems..

Apigee is a sophisticated API management tool that provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to address the demands of modern users. Complementing the capabilities of SOA/ESBs, Apigee helps you expose and securely consume data.

With Apigee, you can:

  • efficiently manage the API lifecycle, encouraging developers to build better apps, faster
  • get timely insights into apps and the API usage, empowering companies to better connections with their customers
  • innovate quickly and iteratively on your products

Apigee covers all the features of an ESB—message routing, message transformation, rate limiting, security checks and access control, and analytics—and more.

To learn more about why APIs are the new face of digital experiences, download the eBook today.