External vs. Internal APIs

Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Break internal silos and create engaging user experiences

APIs are the foundation of the new digital economy. External APIs allow secure connection and content sharing outside an enterprise, creating engaging customer experiences. Internal APIs create a secure platform for sharing data between teams and breaking down traditional data silos. This new era of networking driven by APIs and apps is creating internal and external agility, and flexible networking configurations.

The eBook "Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs" describes why an API tier is critical in today's enterprise architecture. It highlights how APIs displace ESBs and SOA in the enterprise, as well as the challenges and false savings incurred by short-circuiting the separation of concerns between these two very different parts of the enterprise architecture.

What You Will Learn

  • Why the best practice to enable external access by your mobile and HTML5 client apps is to build an API tier rather than trying to adapt the ESB tier for the purpose.
  • How an API tier works to enable a large number of apps from your partner channels or new app development teams to access content and data from internal systems.
  • How external client access to the ESB is secured by requiring clearly defined rules for data usage and access patterns. 
  • How data payloads transmitted on ESBs are often a mix of data that can be allowed outside the security perimeter as well as information that is for internal use only and should not be exposed.

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