Legacy System Integration

Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Are your applications future-proofed?

As expectations of apps reach new heights, businesses are challenged with providing the right content and capabilities at just the right moment for the right person on any number of devices. Application architecture has to move beyond the integration server pattern in web application development. Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems are one of the most difficult challenges that face CIOs. An API management platform can be the solution to unlocking the value of legacy systems.

The eBook "Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs" describes why an API tier is critical in today's enterprise architecture. It highlights how APIs displace ESBs and SOA in the enterprise, as well as the challenges and false savings incurred by short-circuiting the separation of concerns between these two very different parts of the enterprise architecture.

What You Will Learn

  • How legacy data and legacy systems can work with APIs

  • Why mobile apps need new technology to interact with existing backend systems

  • How to integrate different legacy systems

  • How to securely expose data in a useful way to internal and external developers and applications, as well as to partners and customers

  • How to future-proof your applications for new front end technology

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