Manage APIs

Checklist for Every API Call

Ensure operational control across all your APIs

With the explosion of connected experiences and apps, companies are finding they need to become API-driven businesses and to find better solutions for managing their APIs. An API management solution that focuses on the entire lifecycle of the API (design; develop; secure; publish; scale; monitor; analyze; monetize) helps ensure that partners and developers are successful.

Apigee Edge is a flexible and scalable API management platform that answers these questions:

  • Who are the top developers?
  • Are you attracting more developers?
  • What is your API traffic trend?
  • What is the API response time?
  • Where do you see the most API traffic?

Apigee Edge allows you to make better business decisions related to your API program. Read more about the importance of effectively managing your APIs with Apigee, download the eBook today.