Service Oriented Architecture

Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Why it's not enough to compete in the API economy

The growing app economy is not only placing new demands on companies, but also opening up unprecedented opportunities. SOA or a Service Oriented Architecture addresses the needs of corporate information system integration. However, apps and APIs interconnect corporate information systems with remote systems and mobile devices everywhere, addressing the needs of the app economy in a way that a corporate SOA or ESB alone, cannot. As apps don’t speak SOAP, but speak JSON, and use “APIs” to connect, there is a need for a different data model and looser, more flexible and dynamic data format.

An API management layer provides the infrastructure to address these needs, complementing the capabilities of SOA. Seamlessly managing API communications into existing systems, it acts as the gateway from the app to your SOA. Besides addressing the novel needs of the API lifecycle, Apigee's API management platform:

  • encourages developers to build faster and better apps
  • provides insight into app and API usage
  • enables companies to better connections with their customers
  • reduce the complexities of exposing backend data

For companies with a corporate SOA or ESB, Apigee provides a necessary control point for channeling internet API calls into the corporate network, integrated with additional features specifically targeted to the app economy.

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