Walgreens Mobile App

Keeping pace with digital innovation

Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the United States providing millions of customers with access to consumer goods and services and cost-effective pharmacy, health, and wellness services. They offered their first native app on the iPhone platform with other native apps for Android Phone, Tablet, iPad, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

To keep pace with innovation, Walgreens partnered with Apigee to help build its developer program.

They needed an open API that could adopt a broad array of third-party apps that leveraged Walgreens services, take advantage of mobile trends, and mitigate an internal business problem.

Walgreens uses Apigee Edge to:

  • route web services traffic for its own mobile apps through the Apigee Edge platform
  • developed a set of APIs that lets users send their mobile photos to be printed at their local Walgreens store
  • create new revenue streams through APIs by quickly going to market with new products and services

Apigee helps companies convert their web-based applications into new mobile apps and new business opportunities. Read the full Walgreens story now.

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