Web API Design Best Practices

Web API Design

Enable Faster Adoption of APIs

Today, APIs are more than just application connectors, they form the basis for a good software product. The success of a good web API design lies in its usability and adaptability by developers. A consistent API design makes it easy for app developers to consume your services.

There are number design best practices to create interfaces that developers love.

  • Approach API design from the ‘outside-in’ perspective–think from the developer’s viewpoint
  • To reuse a policy, store it in source control so that developers can sync to it and use it in their own proxy development environments
  • Design simple and intuitive URLs - Use two base URLs per resource and keep verbs out
  • Use key/value maps only for limited data sets. They are not designed to be a long-term data store
  • Be verbose and use plain language error descriptions

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