Web Services API

Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Expose SOAP Services as RESTful APIs

To compete effectively in today’s app marketplace, organizations must be able to expose web services and data through modern REST APIs. The requirements of today's app and mobile economy does not match the scope of traditional SOAP web services architectures. With most companies having invested in traditional SOAP, you need a solution that can help convert traditional backend SOAP services into Rest APIs and vice versa.

With Apigee Edge API Management, you can transform your existing legacy backend system to be a modern RESTful API on Web Services Definition Language (WSDL). It then performs protocol conversion, message transformation, SOAP API modeling, and both basic and advanced policy enforcement using an intelligent algorithm.

Through APIs you can:

  • transform legacy systems through APIs without replacing it
  • make it easier, faster and cost-effective for organizations to adapt their IT architectures for modern web and mobile apps
  • engage with customers and partners through flexible, modern apps

APIs can benefit businesses that need to quickly expose services and engage with customers and partners through flexible, modern apps. Download our eBook to learn how.