What Is API Management

APIs for Dummies

Monitor and manage your APIs efficiently

Customers today want to engage with companies on a variety of devices and channels. This expectation is driving IT organizations to move towards more efficient, agile development frameworks to meet the demands of a diverse mix of users and experience.

Application programming interface (API) is the base upon which digital business is built. It allows app developers to create apps that can serve the needs of a specific segment of users. API Management enables you to create, analyze, and manage APIs in a secure and scalable environment.

API management capabilities are delivered in the cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, or on-premises in a private cloud, or sometimes using a hybrid approach. Build and deliver apps to meet the expectations of customers, employees, and partners, without conceding the stability, reliability, and security of back-end systems – with Apigee.

Apigee offers an Intelligent API Management solution, the Apigee Edge that addresses the entire digital value chain—from the backend systems, to the customer who interacts with an app. Apigee Edge includes:

  • Simplified application development – Using various visualization tools, which offers an overall view of your complete API program, you can quickly create APIs from existing data and services.
  • Reporting and monitoring – Generate reports for product managers such as traffic composition, developer engagement, GeoMap, and devices breakdown, etc.
  • Improve developer productivity - Deliver an enhanced developer and community experience that accelerates API adoption, simplifies learning, and improves the business value of APIs.
  • Secure and scale – Manage access to APIs with security features that protect - with configurable policies like OAuth, XML/JSON threat protection, API key verification, access control, and SAML assertions.

For a basic understanding of APIs and how to harness their power, download the eBook.