What Is Apigee?

APIs for dummies

Accelerate the pace of digital business

Every mobile app, smartphone, and connected experience is backed by an API that needs to be managed, secured, analyzed, and scaled. Apigee is today's leading provider of API technology and services for developers and enterprises that help businesses use APIs to securely share data and services across myriad devices and channels.

Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business. Built from the ground-up, Apigee is purpose-built for today's digital business, and the data-rich mobile-driven APIs and apps that power it.

Overview of Apigee:

  • The best of Internet and enterprise technologies united to provide web scale, enterprise-grade flexibility
  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment model on a single code base
  • PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, and PII for apps and APIs

Many of the world's largest organizations have selected Apigee to enable their digital business, including over 25% of the Fortune 100, five of the top six Global 2000 retail companies, and five of the top 10 global telecommunications companies.

Check out our website http://apigee.com, to learn more about us. To learn more about how APIs have changed the competitive landscape, download our popular eBook today.