What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

Getting in shape for the digital world

As technology increases and the number of connected, smart devices continues to expand, it is imperative that every business become a digital business to compete in the global digital economy. The evolution that businesses go through to add the digital experience for their customers, partners and employees is called digital transformation.

APIs enable a digital business to securely share data and services to serve customers in a real-time, anywhere-anytime fashion, which improves the customer experience, and drives additional revenue streams and gives birth to new and competitive business models.

APIs help you prepare for a digital transformation by:

  • Transforming customer experiences with context-driven offers
  • Transforming business operations by breaking down inter-departmental silos
  • Transforming business models to keep up with disruptors like Uber, Netflix, and Stripe

The digital economy continues to drive the changes in which traditional enterprises interact with customers and partners. Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to help you prepare for the inevitable disruptors to rock your industry. Download the eBook to start preparing today.