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Getting Started
Whether it is a brand new API or an old crufty SOAP service, API management can help you expose APIs outside your firewall. We take care of all the things you don’t want to do - API keys, OAuth, DDoS, analytics, and developer registrations - so that you can focus on your code.
OpenAPI Specification (logo)
Want to design the world’s best API? Apigee provides open source components for building production-grade APIs. Design your APIs with OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger), then implement in Node.js with JavaScript.
Don't let SOAP services slow down your app strategy! Instead of wrestling with legacy systems, use the API layer to transform them into RESTful, mobile-friendly APIs. With API Management, you can go from WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) to RESTful in minutes.
Apigee API BaaS (Backend as a Service) gives mobile app developers a set of out-of-the-box APIs for common features of mobile apps. Combined with Apigee’s Node.js runtime and tools, you can have a one stop shop for all your API needs.

4MV4D(Four-minute videos for developers)

4MV4D is a series that introduces a specific feature to a developer in four minutes or less.

4MV4D Spike Arrest
Use Apigee's out of the box Spike Arrest policy to protect your infrastructure from being overrun by large volumes of API calls.
4MV4D Downloading an API Proxy
Easily manage your API Lifecycle with the Edge Management API. download your API proxies using the Edge Management API.
4MV4D Deploy an API Proxy Revision using the Edge Management API
Is your software development lifecycle (SDLC) optimized for API proxy deployment? Synchronize and align your API proxy deployment with the processes used for backend services by using the Edge Management API to automate your API proxy management.
4MV4D Data Tranformations XML JSON
Does your API accept or return extensible markup language (XML), but you want JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)? Or does the API accept or return JSON but you want XML? No problem!
4MV4D Spike Arrest
Protect your API proxy's target backend against severe traffic spikes and denial of service attacks by implementing the Spike Arrest Policy.
4MV4D: Setting up Transaction Rates
Charging for your APIs? Now set up a Transaction Recording Policy to enable processing of your rate plans.
4MV4D PostClientFlow
Yes you really can have your cake and eat it too! Get the API analytics you need and maintain your fast API response time. With the PostClientFlow policy, you can reduce API proxy latency when you integrate with Splunk, Sumo Logic, Loggly or other public log management service using the MessageLogging policy.
4MV4D Monetization
The holy grail: Make money while you sleep. Your APIs are your assets and it’s time to put them to work. Use Apigee’s monetization functionality to monetize your existing APIs.
4MV4D: Learn how to build Microservices in Edge with Node.js in under 4 minutes
Monolithic applications are out, microservices are in, and we hope you are hungry.
Product Spotlight: SQL Injection Threat Protection using Apigee Edge
With Apigee's built in policies, you can easily protect your APIs and microservices from one of the top security threats.
Product Spotlight: Custom Reports using Apigee Edge Analytics
Edge Analytics Services includes a number of out of the box reports and the ability to define custom dimensions to collect, analyze, and provide reports on your Edge data. In this video, learn how to easily create a custom analytics report in Apigee Edge.
Product Spotlight: SOAP to REST Wizard in Apigee Edge
Don't let SOAP services slow down your app strategy! Instead of wrestling with legacy systems, use the API layer to transform them into RESTful, mobile-friendly APIs. This video shows how to go from WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) to RESTful in minutes with Apigee Edge.
Open Source
Apigee and our customers actively contribute to open source projects to help developers incubate new API related technologies and create new products. Most of Apigee’s open source projects are directly embedded in our products and used by thousands of developers.
OpenAPI Specification (logo)
API-First Development framework using OpenAPI
Apache Usergrid
Open-source backend as a service
Open-source platform built on Node.js for creating Internet of Things servers
ProjectDescriptionMain ContributorStatus
TriremeEmbed Node.js inside a Java Virtual MachineGreg BrailProduction
Deploy-Grunt-PluginJavaScript Grunt plugin for EdgeDiego ZuluagaHot
GrassApigee Edge Identity SolutionRajiv KilapartiHot
IgniteEngine-IOSA platform for rapidly building native mobile applications using declarative JSON.Brandon ShellyHot
If you like developing open source technologies related to APIs, we want you to work for Apigee!
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