Insights Technology

Featuring a distributed processing foundation based on Hadoop and an in-memory real-time processor, Insights combines the power of big data and advanced science to deliver significantly greater precision than is possible with traditional technologies and statistical tools.

Based on graph data structures with sequence processing capabilities we call GRASP, Insights dramatically increases the ability to find time-based patterns in structured and unstructured data.

GRASP the Customer Journey

Intelligence from big data is critical to understanding user interaction and engagement and for optimizing the customer experience on multiple channels via apps. 

  • Analyze and understand individual customer journeys and customer journeys in aggregate
  • Build contextual insights by discovering common interactions & influences that lead to successful journeys across all customers
  • Extend beyond coarse segmentation; deliver individualized, relevant, and compelling experiences and offers
  • Go beyond SQL tables with graph sequence processing (GRASP) - analytics technology optimized to analyze sequences of events
  • Understand the time sequence of actions: What action did customers take after receiving direct mail? What preceded cancellation of a service in-store? 


Predictive Recommendations & Targeting

Beyond making individualized predictions based only on who you are, Insights enables predictions based on who you are, what you've done in the past, what you are doing right now, and relevant contextual information such as weather, location, time of day . . .

  • Leverage adaptive machine learning algorithms on GRASP to gain precision through adaptation
  • Discover patterns in fine-grained structured and unstructured data to glean adaptive and precise learning 
  • Stay ahead of disruptive changes, anticipate what customers want, and continuously learn and adapt to changing customer and market needs

Adaptive Apps & Interactions

Insights provides APIs that enable developers to access predictions in real time to build adaptive apps.

  • Deliver relevant and individualized mobile experiences
  • Turbo charge marketing campaigns by going beyond behavioral and demographic attributes to target each person
  • Empower your customer service or store employees to tailor experiences to meet the needs of individuals
  • Develop and integrate predictive insights into apps using JavaScript and other technologies