Apigee Labs

Apigee Labs is a playground where we research, design, develop, and innovate with the goal to advance the future of API management. Users can enable these experimental, pre-release features in order to add key functionality to their API environments.

Because Apigee Labs projects are not officially "released," they are not supported by Apigee Support. However, as we make, measure, learn and adapt, we welcome and encourage questions and feedback on community.apigee.com. Here are some of our favorite experiments.


Apigee Test

  • Take the pulse of your APIs
  • Test and monitor your APIs
  • Launch test probes across multiple agent locations

API Studio

  • Built for developers: Turn-key API development
  • Mock Server: On-the-fly mock API responses
  • Live API testing: Test your API as you develop it

Open API Spec Generator

  • Generate Open API Spec: Easy step-by-step process
  • Share Open API Spec: Collaborate on the cloud