In the News Nov 14 2016
The photo-to-book site founded in 1999 has quietly grown to $1 billion in annual revenue and is embracing APIs in an effort to retool for the future. Nov 7 2016
Opening up its 'secret sauce' has the financial giant's peers scratching their heads. Now there's unambiguous research that its plans make a lot of financial... Nov 4 2016
Boston University professors have quantified the value of APIs, the software fueling digital platforms for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber and...
Diginomica Nov 4 2016
A digital transformation initiative, powered by APIs, is helping the retailer branch out in new directions during tough economic times for Brazil
The New Stack Oct 25 2016
Chief technology Officers have a tough job. The sheer number of technologies competing for attention and adoption are making it harder than ever to find... Oct 20 2016
Last month, I kicked off a new series where I sit down with forward-looking business and IT leaders to talk about digital transformation inside their companies...