Apigee Boosts the Programmability of its Digital Business Platform

New Node.js Integration Empowers JavaScript Developers to Build APIs and Apps with “Extreme Customization"

Oct. 24, 2013 – Apigee today announced that developers can now use the popular Node.js software platform to build highly customized application programming interfaces (APIs) and apps in the Apigee digital business platform. Apigee’s new, seamless integration of Node.js significantly extends the “programmability” of Apigee – or the ability of developers to use code to create specialized APIs – and enhances its capabilities as a powerful development platform for the huge community of JavaScript developers.

“We want to give developers the best possible platform for creating today's modern apps that deliver data and services through APIs and are consumed on a wide variety of devices," said Greg Brail, chief architect at Apigee. "The Node.js integration delivers a new level of programmability to Apigee – with the flexibility to create APIs that can solve even the most complex orchestration and mobile optimization problems. With this, we’re extending our reach to all JavaScript developers, who can now seamlessly combine Node with everything in Apigee."

Node.js Integrated Throughout Apigee

With the new Node.js support, developers can deploy unmodified Node.js applications to the Apigee platform. On Apigee, these applications can run with the benefit of Apigee's enterprise-grade cloud operations. Using Apigee's powerful configuration capabilities and user interface, developers can add Apigee's API management features, such as OAuth security and traffic management, to these Node.js applications.

Developers can also use the Node.js support to enhance existing APIs. Support for Node.js opens up new possibilities for tasks like customizing existing APIs for different devices or combining multiple slow back-end API calls into a smaller number of faster API calls.

In addition, these applications can take advantage of the tens of thousands of third-party modules that the Node.js community has already created, making new capabilities available to Apigee users.

With Apigee’s new Node.js integration, together with its API management, backend–as-a-service (BaaS), data analytics, and many other services, Apigee delivers a comprehensive platform for the development of intuitive, data-powered mobile apps as part of a complete digital strategy.

More information about creating APIs with Node.js on the Apigee platform can be found in the blog post, “Node.js: Extending the Programmability of the Apigee API Platform.”

Apigee and Node.js at “I love APIs” Conference Nov. 5-6

Come learn more about Node.js and Apigee at the “I love APIs” conference, Nov. 5-6 in San Francisco. The two-day event will include hands-on coder’s workshops and dozens of sessions to learn about Apigee technology and development best practices around apps, data and APIs.

Register here today for the “I love APIs” conference. For more information, go to the conference website or send an email to info@iloveapis2013.com.


A public beta version of Node.js in Apigee is available today. To sign up and start using the Apigee API platform, go to https://accounts2.apigee.com/accounts/sign_up or email info@apigee.com.


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