Apigee Launches First Real-Time, Actionable Analytics for Mobile Apps


With New Apigee Mobile Analytics, the API Leader Delivers End-to-End Analytics for the App Economy

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Nov. 1, 2012 – Apigee, the API company, today launched Apigee Mobile Analytics, a first-of-its-kind performance and configuration tool that lets software developers quickly detect, diagnose and fix problems with their apps running on mobile devices -- in real time.  Apigee Mobile Analytics helps developers avoid costly negative user experiences caused by application errors and poor app performance. With the introduction of Mobile Analytics, Apigee is extending the Analytics Services in its leading API Platform to deliver end-to-end visibility into API initiatives, from APIs to mobile apps.

Developers can sign up and start using the beta version of Apigee Mobile Analytics for their mobile apps today by going to /about/products/apis-and-edge.

"Apigee is committed to providing a platform for delivering not just great APIs, but also great apps," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Mobile initiatives in the app economy are dramatically accelerating API usage, and real-time mobile analytics is critical to making API programs successful. With Apigee Mobile Analytics, we are extending the analytics capabilities in the Apigee API platform, offering developers the same deep visibility into their mobile apps that we now provide for APIs."

Mobile apps are increasingly a primary vehicle for e-commerce, communication and connections. APIs are the point of control for mobile apps, dictating how and what data flows between apps and the services that bring them to life.  The Apigee API platform helps businesses build, manage and drive ongoing business value from APIs and the apps built on them. Apigee delivers a rich set of capabilities that help customers reduce the complexity of delivering APIs, drive developer adoption, build robust mobile apps and conduct comprehensive analysis of APIs and apps.

With Apigee Mobile Analytics, developers get a mobile application performance and configuration management solution that helps their apps perform faster and better. Mobile Analytics lets developers monitor, diagnose issues, and fix stability and performance issues on mobile devices in real time by enabling them to:

·         Monitor and search through mobile application logs

·         Detect application crashes and captures stack traces

·         Determine network performance bottlenecks

·         Push critical configuration fixes in production to reduce bugs and improve performance without the need for code pushes to the app store

·         A/B testing of mobile features

"At SeattleAppLab, we focus on healthcare-related apps. Apigee's Mobile Analytics product fills a need that traditional analytics vendors do not," said Chandika Bhandari, president of SeattleAppLab. "Moreover, due to HIPAA compliance, we need an analytics product that enables us to control the granularity of data we capture from customers. We like the ability to gauge statistics and control configuration at a granular level without compromising the app performance and user privacy.  Using the Apigee Mobile Analytics iOS SDK, we were able to get most of the functionality working within two hours."

Apigee also announced today the results of its 2012 Mobile App Review Survey of over 500 American mobile app users. Among other findings, the survey revealed that nearly 1 out of 5 mobile app users would delete an app immediately from their device if it froze for just 5 seconds. To see more results from the 2012 Mobile App Review Survey, go to /about/press-releases.


A public beta version of Apigee Mobile Analytics is available today. To sign up and start using the Mobile Analytics beta, go to https://accounts2.apigee.com/accounts/sign_up

Apigee Mobile Analytics will be offered as part of the Apigee API Platform, which is free to use for up to 3.5 million API calls per month. For larger enterprise API programs, Apigee offers Apigee Enterprise, a premium set of API management services and support. 

For more information about Apigee Mobile Analytics, go to /about/products/apis-and-edge.


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