Apigee API Exchange for Telecommunications

Apigee API Exchange for Telecommunications

An operator solution for a mobile-first world
Cure fragmented user experiences
Enable developers to easily use operator APIs
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API Exchange solves login complexity

Apigee API Exchange for Telecommunications is an API interoperability platform that simplifies building app ecosystems. API Exchange unifies APIs from disparate operators enabling developers to easily build industry-wide highly engaging apps.

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Extend App Reach and Ecosystem
Streamlined app development motivates developers and expansion of your ecosystem.
Enables operators to expose network capabilities through APIs such as payment, identity and messaging, which are then federated through OneAPI Exchange to provide cross-operator reach.
Retain Control
Provides operators with full control of both the developer and subscriber experience.
Provides cross-operator capability while preserving the flexibility of individual operators to innovate and differentiate.
API Exchange for the GSMA
Apigee API Exchange for Telecommunications also powers API Exchange for the GSMA.
Currently enables ‘federation’ of identity, payment, messaging, and location API services across multiple operators.
exchange for Telecommunications customers

Telecoms across the globe are recognizing the value that Apigee API Exchange technology delivers.

Simplify building apps

Marie Austenaa, head of personal data program, GSMA

"With 800 operators, you can't have 800 APIs, integration must be easy."

Marie Austenaa
Head of personal data program

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