Analytics Services

Edge Analytics Services enables end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain with unified operational, developer, app, and business metrics required to monitor, measure, and manage your API program.

Customized Reporting

Analytics Services enables user-tailored dashboards and reports that use custom variables, dimensions, drill-downs, metric correlations, and filters.

  • Advanced report filtering using string patterns to include or exclude specific API traffic
  • View any metric for recent 5, 15, 30, 45, and 60-min. intervals or a 7-day moving average. Compare to previous periods
  • Update metrics on-demand in reports and dashboards
  • Export reports as CSV files and share as PDF or PNG files
  • Analyze your ecosystem on the go with Apigee for iPad 
  • Customization and automation using Analytics Services API

Business Metrics

Business metrics enable API program owners to track product, service, and customer usage and trends, make data-driven decisions, and respond quickly to customer and market changes.

  • An API ecosystem dashboard delivers visibility of top API movers, ranked apps and developers, top API products and API environments
  • Identify top markets and find new markets to expand into
  • Analyze API traffic in the markets served by your API program 
  • Track an entire portfolio including the relative contribution of top APIs, apps, and developers
  • Receive daily email notifications of changes in API traffic, response times, and error rates
  • A GeoMap shows the location of APIs are being used

Operational Metrics

Analytics Services enable monitoring the health and performance of API programs. Monitor and report on API traffic, response times, APIs, apps, developers, and API Products.

  • Daily email informs about app and API QoS statistics, traffic and error counts, and changes in traffic patterns
  • URI metrics track key business events and transactions of API proxies of SOAP services
  • Analyze error details from API target servers; use response codes from target servers for error distribution analysis 
  • Track the time API proxies spend processing requests and responses; understand network latency between Edge and backend servers
  • Track endpoint server behavior, errors, and latency; better understand backend systems; monitor cache performance

App Performance Monitoring

App performance monitoring capabilities help you discover app errors and performance glitches, optimize app performance, identify network bottlenecks, and understand usage patterns. 

  • Monitor in-app API performance; track number of calls made by apps, error count, response times, network performance
  • Monitor errors and crashes graphically or search raw logs
  • View usage by device model, platform, app and OS version
  • Understand API response time by network type, carrier, device platform, OS version, and domain


Developer Metrics

Developer metrics provide a way to identify an API program’s top developers and apps, measure developer engagement, and view API traffic by developer.

  • Give developers access to reports about their apps and the APIs they're building against
  • Track top developers, API usage, and app development 
  • Respond to lifecycle events - apps created, updated, deleted
  • Delegate monetization checkout payment to external services 
  • Analyze and track the quality of hackathons to increase the awareness and performance of APIs

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