Edge API Services

Edge API Services unites the best of Internet and enterprise technologies to provide rock-solid reliability and enterprise-grade flexibility, all in the industry’s most complete and unified platform.

API Management

API Management enables the transformation of existing backend services to APIs with over 30 policies designed for configure-not-code deployment, simplifying customer self-service and reducing time-to-value.

  • Transform from any API protocol to any other, including SOAP, REST, JSON, XML binary, or custom protocol
  • Secure and protect your organization and customers against XML specific threats and sensitive data exposure
  • Manage API versioning to simplify change management and assure that apps will not break
  • Control and throttle API traffic using quotas or create a “safety valve” using API rate-limiting


The API Backend as a Service provides web and mobile app developers with a cloud datastore and services that simplify building apps including user management, push notifications, and social networking and geolocation services.

  • User Management: Core services necessary for secure registration and log in, including OAuth 2.0-compliant client authentication
  • Datastore: Store any type of data as collections of data entities and perform complex queries or full-text searches on any field
  • Location: Capture data from GPS-enabled devices and associate with places, activities, events, people, and devices
  • Social: Embed social features in apps - user location, comments, activities, tweets, activity streams that enable publishing of user actions
  • Push notifications: Reach app users with messages they care about with highly targeted and effective events and notifications


In the world of digital business, the IT mandate is still to provide secure access to services while protecting customers and the business from threats, back-end overload, and service issues.

Edge provides an enterprise-grade security infrastructure.

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) - Fine-grained policy management for authorization
  • Authentication for users, developers, and administrators
  • Authentication for APIs via OAuth, SAML, and LDAP
  • Threat protection against XML, JSON, and DoS attacks
  • Content-based routing, rate-limiting, and traffic spikes protection
  • Performance optimization and throttling on back-end connections
  • Manage access to APIs via OAuth or other security schemes

API Programmability

API Services can be extended with JavaScript, Java, Python, and Node.js. With the combination of Edge and Node.js, customize existing APIs for the web, social, and different mobile devices, consolidate legacy systems, and add new API services.

  • Extension policies enable you to add custom logic and tailor an API to meet business requirements.  
  • Build API and app backends and mediate and orchestrate back-end systems
  • Enrich apps with security, traffic management, and protocol transformation logic using the 30+ existing policies
  • Build "mash-ups" and composite services by orchestration or aggregation of existing APIs and web services
  • Rapidly mock up and prototype new APIs quickly using a web framework like Express or an API framework like Argo
  • Take advantage of the tens of thousands of third-party modules that the Node.js community has already created

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