Edge Developer Services

Edge Developer Services enable a developer and community experience that accelerates API adoption, simplifies learning, and increases the business value of APIs.

Developer Portal

Whether your enterprise is encouraging innovation among internal or external developers, partners, or all of the above, developers need to interact with the enterprise and with each other. The Edge developer portal enables this community:

  • Open source based Drupal portal and with ability to extend functionality using Drupal modules
  • Easily custom-branded for your enterprise; responsive portal theme based on Bootstrap
  • Visual bug tracking with BugHerd integration; users submit comments/bugs by annotations directly on portal pages 
  • Different access and permissions based on custom roles, signed-in, and anonymous users
  • Revision control, tags, keywords, and standard content types for documentation, blogs, forums, and FAQ
  • Built-in search and support for FAQs, examples, and tutorials
  • Open ID integration and single sign-on support for Twitter, Google, and GitHub and CAPTCHA support


Choose from different types of API monetization models, with plans for individuals, groups of developers, or an entire developer community—even inside the enterprise by enabling chargebacks from business units that use APIs. Monetization models can be customized to meet complex requirements:

  • Revenue Sharing Model: Paying developers for the usage of your APIs based on purchase of your services.
  • Fee-based Model: Developer pays you for API usage 
  • Freemium Model: An offer for an initial set of usage for free, and then charge as the developer’s API usage grows
  • Manage API provider organizational hierarchies that cater to tax, currency, and payment gateway requirements 

API Modeling & Dev Mgmt.

Developer Services enable fast onboarding of developers with easy registration and app-key generation; enables secure developer interaction with a businesses data and systems and API adoption. 

  • Streamlined developer registration and manual or automatic API key approval
  • Easily regenerate developer keys when an existing key is no longer secure
  • Manage terms of service and acceptance
  • SmartDocs: fully interactive API documentation making it easy for developers to learn, test, and evaluate APIs
  • Extensive product docs including code samples, tutorials, best practices, and FAQs

API Consoles

API Consoles enable developers to access, explore, and test APIs without incurring any setup overhead. Simplifies learning which APIs are suited to tasks increasing the likelihood that the right API is used for the right need.

  • Make authenticated API requests to test the API
  • Aggregate and explore multiple base paths and methods for APIs
  • Visualize the request and response of live API calls
  • Share a snapshot of an API request and response
  • Consoles for Apigee API and almost 100 other API providers

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