Insights provides big data predictive analysis with time-based graph processing that enables the enterprise to increase customer satisfaction and revenue with API-powered adaptive apps that anticipate and adapt to the needs of individual customers.


Customer Care

Insights enables telcos, retailers, and other enterprises to apply powerful predictive models to a combination of customer data (marketing, social, customer service data) and product data (network usage for telco; in-store data for retail).

Predictive models deliver more value than traditional CRM and contact-center interaction data.  

  • Better understand each customer’s satisfaction level
  • Identify at-risk customers before they are likely to churn
  • Identify root causes early that are impacting satisfaction
  • Manage customer outreach program and campaigns
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention



Apply powerful predictive models on customer, prospect, and product data to improve customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and up-sell with individualized targeting and recommendations.

  • More powerful than traditional profile/persona behavior attributes
  • Predict what each customer wants and deliver it on the right device and at the right time
  • Identify hidden patterns in sparse, fine grained, time-sequenced data at scale


With an increased emphasis on pay for performance, healthcare payers are under pressure to improve quality of care, increase member satisfaction, contain costs, and increase star ratings.
Insights’ healthcare offerings enable you to:
  • Rapidly adapt to the changing healthcare landscape—to better serve each member and do so cost effectively, while protecting the privacy of members’ health information
  • Predict the likelihood for members to file complaints, grievances, and appeals—well in advance of the complaint
  • Investigate root causes affecting member sentiment
  • Respond rapidly via phone, email, SMS, or mail to resolve issues
  • Track the progress of response programs

API Optimization

Insights enables the business to realize the value and full potential from the abundant flow of business data and create predictive models that power the development of adaptive apps and APIs.

  • Effectively predict and adapt to the operational needs of the APIs and apps in the digital ecosystem
  • Easily access business insights, act on them, and realize value from your apps, APIs, and data
  • Individualize the customer experience by adapting API-powered apps in real time
  • Enable developers to create adaptive apps and APIs with predictive insights via APIs
  • Enable a powerful feedback loop via APIs and build an agile, data-driven, self-learning system


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