Apigee Insights

Apigee Insights

Make every interaction count
See the Big Picture
Understand customer behavior across all digital channels
Siloed analytics tools don't cut it

Apigee Insights aggregates your analytics data.

Aggregates clickthroughs, orders and opened emails to generate an Event Behavior Graph so you can identify common behavioral patterns to drive better digital engagement.

See the most important customer behaviors (clickthroughs, orders, etc) in minutes
Traditional BI tools only give you bar and line charts to visualize customer behavior. Insights lets you explore your data using graph visualizations
Event Behavior Graphs
Faster than ever, a telco identifed the top 10 reasons why customers complained
Insights aggregates both customer profile data from CRM systems and customer event data from multiple analytics tools using Apigee’s graph and sequence processing algorithm (GRASP) to identify common behaviors.
API Journey Analysis
Discover which APIs lead to highest conversions with Edge integration
API Traffic from Apigee Edge automatically flows into Insights. You can discover the effects of APIs on important metrics such as customer conversion, channel attribution, and drop-offs.
Predict Your Customers' Next Best Action
Apply machine learning and big data to improve customer engagement
Engagement is only as good as your algorithms
Predict customer propensity

Customer engagement is only as good as your algorithms.

Insights helps you create predictive targeting (email / push campaigns) and recommendations models based on fine grained customer event data.

Easy-to-use Tooling
Simple Enough for Developers
Using Insights’ R SDK, create a full-blown predictive model in just 14 lines of code. SDKs and sample code enable developers to create recommendation and targeting models in hours.
Built on Hadoop
Powerful enough for Data Scientists
By applying machine learning techniques on top of the event behavior graphs, data scientists can create predictive models with higher precision and recall than traditional machine learning techniques.
Cross Channel Predictions
Luxury retailer predicts which email campaigns drives most in-store purchases
Because Insights can analyze cross-channel behavior, it can make predictions to drive cross-channel outcomes. It combines cross channel predictive models with push notifications and mobile recommendations to drive engagement.
Make All Customer Interactions Analytics Driven
Add predictive analytics into your apps in hours
Predictive analytics is useless without deploying to production

Integrating predictive analytics into all your digital channels is hard.

Customers can programmatically integrate propensity scores into apps quickly and at scale using a combination of Apigee Edge and Insights.

Lambda Architecture
Merge historical, stream, and real-time data
Insights provide developers the components required to implement Lambda architecture quickly and cost-effectively for integrating batch and streaming analytical systems.
Predictive APIs
Simplify your recommendation and targeting APIs with Swagger & Node.js
Swagger Logo
Integrate with Edge
Build, deploy, and secure your predictive APIs for an intelligent API platform
Apigee Edge is the premier API Platform system, which makes it easy for you to build, deploy, and secure your predictive APIs when integrating with apps.

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