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Realize the True Potential of Omnichannel
Five principles to transform the customer experience

Learn how companies like Walgreens, Burberry, and Ticketmaster have mastered the omnichannel experience
API Best Practices: Managing the API Lifecycle
This eBook presents best practices about managing APIs across the lifecycle.
API Best Practices Report
In this report, we detail how to take a holistic approach to managing APIs across the enterprise.
Web API Design: The Missing Link
This eBook is a comprehensive collection of the web API design best practices used by some of the world’s leading API teams.
Microservices Done Right: Microservices Need API Management
In this eBook, learn about why and how enterprises need to manage their microservices—in the same way that they manage their APIs.
Forrester Report: Predictions 2016: Financial Services Execs Wake Up to Digital Transformation
The eight digital shifts to expect in retail financial services in 2016.
API-First Security: Don't Build Your Own Maginot Line
This technical brief details how enterprises can plan for an omnichannel user engagement model with security and privacy built into all channels.
How to Build an API Program that Doesn't Suck
The Survival Guide for Digital Business
This eBook guides you through building your API team, choosing the right leadership, how to invest in your program, and more.
The State of APIs 2016
Engine for digital business
This report examines the trends in digital transformation, the impact of APIs, common use cases driving digital transformation in different industries, and the best practices of API-driven...
The Definitive Guide to API Management
This eBook explores the characteristics of sophisticated API management platforms.
The State of APIs in Retail
Real API data to drive your digital retail strategy
This report examines trends in digital commerce API programs, based on an analysis of hundreds of billions of API calls in the Apigee cloud.
Growing your business with APIs
Visa and Apigee on building an API strategy
In this eBook, Visa and Apigee explore what goes into building an API-driven business, how to choose the right API initiative, and how to get a fast start leveraging APIs.

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