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Arity: Delivering Value with APIs

Arity: Exposing Value with APIs

We spoke with Arity vice president of product Grady Irey about how API management and a developer portal enable the Allstate unit to expose to the outside world the capabilities that it originally developed for internal use.

Inviting partners to get creative with Arity's APIs is key to realizing the full potential of all the data the company has gathered from billions of miles of driving data, and over a million drivers, Irey said. It's also a key part of creating a digital ecosystem.

"APIs are critically important to Arity's business model because if all of the capabilities we realize are only exposed to the world through the applications we develop, that's a constraint that's really unnecessary if we want be everything we can be," he said.






"In the absence of API management and a dev portal, we don't have a sophisticated way to deliver value."
Grady Irey
Vice president of product, Arity