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Arity: Sharing 20 Billion Miles of Data via APIs

Arity: Sharing 20B Miles of Data with APIs

Arity president Gary Hallgren explains how APIs and API management enable the Allstate spin-off to scale, partner, and build an ecosystem with its treasure trove of data and insights.

Arity, which was unveiled at our Chicago Adapt or Die World Tour stop in November, is building an ecosystem, Hallgren said. Its APIs will not only help Arity create new consumer experiences, but they will also provide data to other insurers and to rideshare companies, mapping companies, and the transportation system at large, he said. 

"API management is key to make this scale and make this roll out and work," Hallgren said. 

"APIs are important to Arity because it's how we are going to go to market and scale our business."
Gary Hallgren
President, Arity