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Cleveland Clinic: Leveraging Medical Records with APIs

Cleveland Clinic: Leveraging Medical Records with APIs

We spoke with Beth Meese, administrative director of technology and innovations at Cleveland Clinic, about how APIs and API management have helped the medical center get the most out of the wealth of data that resides in electronic medical records.

Meese’s team was tasked with pushing the utility of the EMRs as far as they could go, and then fill in the gaps that were exposed. APIs were how they addressed these gaps. 

“We wrote the APIs, we wrote custom apps that leveraged the APIs, and everything was fantastic,” Meese said.

But a challenge remained. How could other groups at Cleveland Clinic make use of the data and easily access the APIs? 

That where the developer portal and API management came in, she said. 

"When we can open up the electronic medical records ... through the use of APIs, we can extend the use of that tool to the point that the clinicians feel like they're getting the partner they need in technology."
Beth Meese
Administrative director, technology & innovations, Cleveland Clinic